Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it, take with you your all. ~Khalil Gibran

It’s easy to hold back on daily life. Save energy here and there by just tuning out. Sometimes it is all just too overwhelming and I need a break.

At one point I realized that by doing this, I wasn’t fully engaging in the here and now of my own life. I was missing things.

It was a CHOICE I was making and I was basically cheating myself of the richness of a present experience. Losing touch with the people and activities I loved most.

WHY would this be the case? Why would anyone live less than a full life? Well there are many reasons and much of it comes down to mindset.

Do you believe that you are creating each and every moment you live? If you do then what are you consciously creating and why wouldn’t you want to experience that reality to the fullest?

If you don’t believe that you are creating your own life then who or what do you think IS creating it? Is life random or deliberate? Who is actually in charge?

Once I started asking these questions and engaging in the answers I was finding, I realized that even though I had been missing out, I could CHANGE it right then and there!

Part of what keeps my mindset on track is a piece of motivational art gifted to me by my daughter that hangs in my office. When I get discouraged or frustrated, I look at it and smile. I remember not only how much she loves me and believes in me, but also the impact I make everyday.

Are you motivated to engage deeply with your daily life?

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