Did You Know That Content Marketing Can Help You Throughout Your Conversion Funnel Strategy?

This type of digital marketing focuses on creating high quality and relevant content that will solve problems for your ideal client and help your business be more successful. Most business owners think that content marketing solutions are too difficult and expensive to implement and are therefore missing out on the immediate and long term benefits that they could be enjoying.

When done right, content marketing is a safe and inexpensive solution that helps businesses to authentically engage with their ideal client in any market, in any niche. In today’s blog post I share the nine ways any business owner can use content marketing strategies to reach their ideal clients and make more sales.

Before looking at these nine options, the first steps are to set a campaign goal and then identify WHO our ideal client is. After that we look at the #1 big problem we are going to help them solve. These are steps that lay the foundation for our entire content marketing plan and also ones that many business owners skip!

Knowing who you are serving and how you can help them is critical to your next steps which include identifying the topics you are going to cover in order to help them solve their problems and then creating solutions to share with them.

After you identify these topics then you are going to map out a plan to share each topic prior to your brand or product launch date. This is how you get your content to go full funnel. Identify the order in which you share the topics and lead your ideal client to the #1 big solution (your offer) at the end of your campaign.

Here Are The Nine Best Ways To Increase Sales With Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Live Events
  • Optimize Content for SEO + Voice SEO
  • Public Relations: Promote Events, Interviews etc.
  • Online + Offline Advertising
  • Incorporate Into Funnel Strategies

Blog Posts Solve Problems

A blog post is a great way to address a customer pain point and solve a problem for them. Take the time to write out a detailed map for them including where to start and which tools to use. Best case, include some type of free download or link to a resource.

Vlog Posts Also Solve Problems

Vlogs( Video blog posts) are a wonderful option for recording a solution to a prospect’s pain point or problem. Take the time to identify the solution and then map out how to show the person a quick way to get a win. Offer enough value that they want to follow your channel and bookmark it as a favorite resource.

Podcasts Are Everywhere For A Reason

If you follow any influencer with a large audience you will notice that they have a podcast where they post content regularly. This is because podcasts are a great alternative to video, they are convenient to consume, they help build relationships, they are easy to create and publish.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts are most useful when you incorporate them into a larger strategy. Schedule them ahead of time as an integral top of funnel item that brings your ideal clients into your world and shows them a taste of your other content and offerings.

Take the time to create engaging visuals and graphics along with video and clever copywriting. There is so much noise on every channel that you need to be unique and very targeted when it comes to who you are trying to reach and how you engage them.

Social Media Lives

Going LIVE can be a great way to share your content and highly rewarding if you do it right. Live events are a great way to run a FAQ session, mentor a specific person via a hot seat session or share an important industry or product update. As video becomes increasingly popular online, it’s a great idea to get comfortable with it.

Optimize Your Website Content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) + Voice SEO

There is a right way to publish content that will be found by the search engines and there is also a wrong way. The right way will always first address an ideal client’s question/problem and then optimize the entire post/page with the keyword you are focusing on. Then when your prospect searches for the answer, your solution is the one they find.

Public Relations Content

Content marketing is not complete without public relations components included in your strategy. What is new that you want your audience to know about you? Were you interviewed, did you just publish something you want people to know about? Are you going somewhere that is noteworthy and is relevant to your followers?

Online + Offline Paid Advertising

Great content stretches all the way through your funnel, including your paid advertising campaigns. Identify your BEST performing content and boost it with paid ads that are targeted to a warm audience that has previously consumed your content (retargeting).

Incorporate Content Throughout Your Funnel

Starting with a plan means that all the content you create is going to work throughout your funnel. Everything has been planned to address your ideal client’s pain points and solve their problems with the eventual introduction of your main offer.

The first part of your content funnel will make the customer aware of your solutions with blog posts, vlog posts, social media posts, social media live posts and pr announcements.

The next set of content for the middle of your funnel is paid ads, promoted posts and affiliate promotions. Anytime you pay for traffic, you will want to make more money than you spend. The best way to do this is to only pay for traffic that has been proven to convert.

The final part of the funnel is the conversion part. This is where you are making sales and where you will pay a much higher rate for advertising. It will be worth it though because the content in this section of your funnel has been proven twice already (once organically and then with your first set of paid ads) and you know you will get a high return on your ad spend.

The last consideration with full funnel content is that it is ‘set and forget’. Once you publish your content it lives on your website and social channels as a constant value and lead generation machine.

If you choose to use an Evergreen Funnel strategy, continue to promote your content on a set schedule and enjoy full funnel benefits 24/7 as an automated passive income stream.

Get Maximum ROI (return on investment) with your Content Marketing

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