Allowed Uses

Basically, you can use these images (and templates) for your own personal organizational, social or inspirational use in your business, home or as gifts (art prints, calendars, etc.). Enjoy as Desktop backgrounds, mobile device backgrounds, social sharing memes, prints for your home or office, printed affirmation cards, printed gifts and whatever else you can think of that is for your enjoyment.

Prohibited Uses

The MAIN thing you CAN’T do is RESELL or MERCHANDISE (print multiple copies for mass promotion/production) any of my images or templates. You would need to CONTACT ME if you would like to discuss a separate licensing agreement.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me directly at

1. The image may not be used to create multiples of fine art prints or for sale– including (but not limited to) standard prints, framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints.

2. The image may not be sub-licensed to a third-party or offered for sale as a standalone file on any website or other medium (i.e. you can not attempt to sub-license the image or upload it to stock photography sites such as,, etc.).

3. The image may not be uploaded or displayed on any website or other medium which is designed to induce the sale of “on demand” products such as canvas prints, framed prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs (i.e. the licensee can not upload the image to,,, etc.)

4. The licensee may not falsely represent that he/she is the original creator or copyright holder of the image.