Are You Feeling Tired, Frustrated and Discouraged?
Or Just Looking for a Little HELP!

  Is your email open rate lower than you want to admit?

  Do you spend hours crafting the perfect message and no one even reads it?

  Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by all of your business tasks?

  Looking for a break but have no help?

  All work and no play?

You came to the right place!

Chatbots are engaging, interactive, personal and scalable! Bots inform and entertain, sell and educate!

 Check out the results we are seeing…

154% Increase in Engagement

400% Quadrupled Leads!

97% ReduceD Facebook Ad CPA

Yes! Chatbots can do all of these things for your business (and more)...

Customer Service Bot

Your personal assistant who takes messages for you and sends them to you via chat and/or email. They also send you the prospects contact info, calendar info and urgency of request. The bot engages your client and warms them up for you as a lead.

Lead Magnet and Pre-Sales Bot

Delivers lead magnets, asks a few key questions and directs prospects based on their answers. This bot will notify you when a person qualifies themselves as your “ideal customer” so that you can follow up with them quickly.

Audience Segmentation Bot

Asks questions in a conversation with a potential customer and adds tags to their records. You can then followup with them specifically. This bot can also start campaigns for you when the prospect responds with specific answers.


Has answers for up to 10 frequently asked questions you are commonly asked about your course, membership site or book. These questions can also lead prospects through your funnel and help guide them along the customer journey.

Teaching Assistant Bot

Your wonderful teaching assistant will sign people up for classes, delivery classes, deliver class materials, followup after classes. They can also send homework and reminder broadcasts.

Sales Bot

On the job and ready to send out timely information to your potential students, members and book buyers. They followup with prospects who have been qualified and might be ready to buy.

Reminder Bot

Interfaces with your Google Calendar and sends you specific reminders for milestones and task deadlines for your launch. Rely on this bot to keep you on track and on time.

Bonus Bot

After you launch, this bot will followup with people who engaged with your launch. They also handle sending surveys, polls and any other followup task you would like them to do.


Free Chatbot Consultation

Attention!! Are you taking advantage of Messenger Marketing and Conversion Funnels in your Launches?
Here are a few reasons why your launch needs a ChatBot!

Facebook Messenger messages have an open rate of 50-80%

Messenger messages have a click-through rate of 20%, especially when using broadcasts

Messenger messages have a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads

Messenger marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns (when using Facebook Send-to-Messenger Ads) 

 The top 4 messaging apps surpassed the amount of monthly active users on social networks.

 Chatbots go where your clients are! They can be integrated across multiple channels to increase engagement and reach more customers.


Facebook Messenger Marketing can help get your business, product or service in front of more people. Whether you’re launching a new product or driving awareness, conversations create a meaningful connections.


Using Chatbots with Facebook Messenger helps you simplify customer acquisition by providing a direct, conversational way for people to take action wherever they already are and when they are ready.


Building a presence with Chatbots on Messenger allows people to browse your products and services, and purchase them directly in the conversation. Not only that, you can also followup with them later.


Integrating Facebook Messenger into a customer service strategy allows customers to communicate with your business on their terms. No longer do they spend time waiting on hold or keeping website windows open.

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