Enough denial ladies. Let’s face it.

If self-care means expensive spa treatments, tropical vacations and exotic lotions and creams…

Most of us will fail at self-care.

Think about it. How many of you or your friends have the time or money to enjoy spa time every day?

Not many Moms I know get to go on tropical vacations every day (LOL)…

And how about all of the under eye serums, face lotions and beauty products that are magically supposed to whisk away the stress and make us feel amazing!

Many women will suffer in silence day after day because they don’t get the opportunity to enjoy self-care regularly.

They are waiting for that perfect moment when they get a little free time or saving up for the vacation years in advance only to enjoy it for a week or two…

Eventually, no matter what it is, unless your self-care includes something you enjoy EVERY DAY, it is going to fall short of what you really need to recharge.

We need DAILY self-care routines that we can count on.

Not stolen moments!

You know, those little bits of time we “steal away” and then end up actually feeling guilty about.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way, women were expected to become superheroes..

We are working full time (not necessarily in an office), maybe we’re also parents, spouses or caretakers and some of us even think that we can take on a creative or network marketing side hustle.

Keep in mind that the chores are always there too.

Dishes that never get done no matter how many times you do them.
Laundry that is also always there waiting for you.
Sweep, vacuum, wipe, dust, clean, rinse and repeat.

For many of us all of this will take 10-12-14 hours of our days and then we sleep. Or play on our phones…

Oh yeah, let’s go to the spa!

For most of us this just doesn’t happen.

So we go on day after day being superwoman. And getting more and more tired, frustrated and worn down. Daydreaming of that tropical vacation…

It’s time to change the story!

Self-care is our right, not an; every once in a while, when pigs fly and maybe on our birthdays kind of “gift or treat”…

Here’s the thing we all need to realize, like right now!

Every one of us can enjoy, and should enjoy, a daily self care routine!

Without breaking the bank, taking time off from work or running away from our lives…

Think about it, how would it feel to have time every day to do at least one thing that “recharges your battery”?

What would you do?

Remember, this doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or fantasy…

I struggled with this question for years and it wasn’t until I realized that the best place to start was small.

What was one thing I could do consistently, in a minute’s notice, that would make me feel joy?

For me it was coloring in my kids coloring books. Either with them or by myself 🙂

The simple act of coloring brought me great joy. And I realized that no matter how busy I was, I had time for that.

Maybe it was only 5-10 minutes but if I left the coloring supplies next to our dining table, I could instantly get a bit of stress relief.

It also allowed me to feel just a tiny bit more in control of my life, which was exactly what I needed. Working full time, being married and having two little ones was running me ragged and everything felt like jumping from one crisis to another.

From these humble beginnings, my self-care routine grew.

There was one very simple thing that I had been missing all those years and it had caused me to break teeth, acquire an anxiety medication prescription and spend thousands of dollars in therapy.

What was it?

Before I share my big secret with you, I want to ask you a question…

How much time in a day do you have for self-care right now?

Do you count it in seconds, minutes or hours?

Or are you like many of us and don’t have any…

Everyone gives me a different answer to this question but the bottom line is that it’s not enough for most people and we are getting worn out, sick and tired.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Consistent self-care is not just for the rich, time-free and famous…

Anyone can enjoy it and here’s why.

Self care can be as simple as a 5 minute meditation at any point in the day.

It can be stopping for less than a minute in the grocery store and smelling the flowers and appreciating their vivid colors.

You can also enjoy a walk in the park, some coloring time (with or without company) and a variety of other simple, relaxing and enjoyable activities.

The big “myth” perpetrated by the current self care industry says that you have to spend a bunch of money to practice self-care.

I’m here to tell you that is WRONG! And not only is this idea incorrect but it’s really hurting us women to the core.

Many of us are flat out exhausted, worn down and anxious.

Let’s change that right now…

The big secret is that you get to define your own ideas, strategies and solutions for self care!


The cosmetic, spa and travel industry don’t control it or you!

It’s time to take back our power ladies!

Will you join me?

I started a free self-care success group where we can support each other to discover what will work for each of us with our individual self-care journey and how to bring our vitality back.

All you have to do is join the group and you instantly get access to daily self care and wellness content, regular live community events and much more.

I created this group so that we can support each other in sharing the free resources we need to feel better, get more free time and practice daily self-care (EVERY DAY).

Enough with all the crap about self-care = vacations + spa time + beauty products.

These are all awesome things and I personally LOVE spa days.

But come on. We ALL need things we can do every day that are affordable for ALL of us. Not just the lucky few.

In this community, we’re going to talk about what’s real, what we enjoy and how to get more of it so that we can relax naturally, get more energy and bring more joy into our daily lives.

Consider this your official invite!

Join the community at Self-Care-Success.com

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