Blogging is the first and arguably most important piece of a money making content marketing strategy. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can make money on social media alone without a blog.

Now this can happen but it is a lot less likely!

Blogs provide a vital content source for your social media posts, increase traffic to your website, build a warm audience of people interested in your content and help you establish your expertise online.

Here are The Top 5 Ways To Make Money With Your Business Blog

  • Create content that naturally attracts your ideal client/customer/consumer

Websites are on the internet 24/7 and they are basically our online business representative. When you add a blog to a website you are giving the website a much greater ability to attract organic traffic to it. Especially when you write Voice Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Traditional SEO optimized posts.

When you focus on deep, thorough, evergreen content,  you are not only giving search engines a reason to index your website content, you are also providing valuable information for your ideal leads and prospects,

Writing content that is relevant also attracts other influencers, businesses and colleagues who will want to link to it. High quality links from other websites/blogs will further increase your search engine rankings and bring higher traffic volumes to your website.

  • Convert Your Traffic Into Leads

A great way to make money online is to build a list of engaged prospects. The best practices for this strategy are to offer resources on your website, blog or social media channels that people will exchange their email address for.

Your email list can turn into your best friend. It is a great way to stay connected with people who chose to sign up. Share your blog posts with them and promote your offers.

  • Establish Your Authority and/or Expertise

Everyone has questions and as marketers, we are great people to answer them. In fact many websites offer FAQ pages for that very purpose.  

Your company blog is a great place to answer these same questions in more depth. Especially if there are questions that are asked frequently. Clients, prospects and consumers love to get answers quickly and easily.

Another great way to stay current with industry is to write blog posts around thought provoking content. This will show people that you are on top of what’s not only new but also relevant. This is a great time to create and embed videos and presentations.

  • Forge Strong Connections, Engagement and Interactions

Show people you care about what their problems are and ask for their feedback to see if you’re getting it right. Just writing about any old subject won’t build the same sort of connection that writing valuable content will.

Creating posts that highlight your passion, skills and business topics will allow people to get to know you, like you and trust you. The key is to be authentic and show that you are trustworthy and dependable. You are there for them!

 Another great way to show you care is to share content created by other people. Highlight the partners, clients and connections that make your business successful. Link to them if it makes sense and overall spread the word about the quality of their operation.

  • Consistently Drive Long Term Results

Making money with your blog can happen quickly, steadily and consistently over time if you plan thoughtfully. Make sure you know what leads you are going to use, the funnel strategy that will convert and whether you are going to put time into organic traffic generation, paid ads or a combination of both. 

Consistency is key for success. Fresh, relevant content is what will draw people in. A steady stream of this type of content will bring in fresh leads daily. 

Links between your blog and the rest of the website will encourage people to stay on your site longer and is a great way to lead them through the customer journey. It’s also a great way to reinforce the vitality of your business and deep expertise to bring people back time and time again.

A website without a blog is just a collection of pages. A blog will bring the site to life and create an interactive conversation that you can have with people. When you add a Facebook Pixel or other tracking code to your site you can then build a trackable audience to target later with ads.

Having a blog also gives you fresh social media content quickly and easily. Take any blog post and chop it up into sections and then make posts from these sections.

If you’re not blogging, you’re missing out on quite a few money making opportunities.
Writing regular blog posts has allowed me to quickly and easily create a large library of information for my clients, potential clients and other businesses to learn from. This has increased my website traffic, social media following and sales volumes.

Blogging is one way to promote your business online and when it’s paired with a solid campaign strategy, it can also increase your sales volumes!

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