Have you begun your journey of a thousand miles yet?
Here’s the funny thing, I have. A few times. In a few different directions.
LOL. Oops. Focus is the key. Once you start a journey like this, you can’t start another one. Or you won’t get to the first destination.
This is a phenomenon that affects many biz owners. They start on too many journeys at the same time. I know I have.
This is a trap because devoting too many resources in too many directions takes away from the chance of success for any of them.
The big turning point for me was to realize that I needed to prioritize, make conscious choices and learn how to say ‘no’.
Without this, I just kept starting and not completing so many things.
Now that I have a blueprint for my biz and a solid planning system, I am focused and productive every day. I know exactly what I am doing and why.
This planning system has also allowed me plenty of free time and an awesome work-life balance. I don’t wonder when I will get time for myself, it is planned into my day before I get up in the morning!
My journey of a thousand miles doesn’t seem so long anymore, I am well on my way to my destination and I am loving every minute of it.
Where is your journey taking you?

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