Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge. ~Steven Levine

This is such a beautiful thought. Love will take you beyond this place and into another but only through love.

So in other words if you want to transcend the anxiety, overwhelm and depression that is found abundantly here on Earth you will need to open up more to love.

I am ok with that.

It is difficult to be angry with someone if you feel love for them first and then allow the anger. Most of the time you will see a way other than anger if you feel love first.

Love itself seems to unlock magic in life.

Bringing space to problems and providing another perspective on what could be. Is there another way to look at something?

Many times anger doesn’t allow us to look at something in this way. It just wants us to stay stuck and suck out energy.

Have you ever realized this? Anger drains energy.

So if you are looking for a creative way to solve a problem, don’t get angry about anything before, during or after you approach it.

Chances are you will not find a good solution.

Now you know how I think and feel about using love and not anger in your life, what do you think?

Is it useful to approach problems from a positive or negative perspective?

It might seem like a funny question but think about how many times problems come with negative thoughts…

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