So yeah. This is true. You can spend all of your time waiting or you can get started and go with it.

I was in this situation back in February of 2019. I wanted to start my own coaching business along with a membership site and educational resources for other biz owners.

The thing is, I had wanted to do this for years but kept waiting for the ‘right time’. And the longer I waited the more I saw other people doing it and looking successful.

This was depressing and I began to get more and more of a negative attitude towards my dreams. So finally I decided to let go of my consulting work that I was doing for other people and focus 100% on my own creative work.

This was terrifying and has not been easy! But I did it. And have just about completed my first online blueprint for launching and growing your biz. P.s. keep an eye out for a special deal on Black Friday…

As you can see, I finished my website weeks ago and have fully focused my efforts on sharing my resources with all of you. It’s pretty awesome to have so much to share.

And interestingly enough, my journey follows this quote. I started with what I had and better tools came along as I went.

All in all, my launch + grow planner has 45+ resources that will help ANY biz owner get organized, get focused, be more productive and fast track the success of their biz!

And I am also including graphics templates, how to videos and visual blueprints for digital marketing campaigns. I am also including all of the worksheets you need to easily setup and execute these campaigns.

Last but not least, I am also including motivational and natural wellness resources for you to enjoy while you work. I fully embrace my healthy work-life balance and want to encourage you all to as well.

You can have success in your biz but if you don’t take care of your health and wellbeing, it will be difficult to fully enjoy it!

I am also committed to helping everyone who needs it with FREE resources and created a #freebiefriday page on my website. EVERY single one of the free resources I blog about or share will be available on this page.

The beauty is you can download them without giving me anything. No email address, no first born child and no strings attached. Just free stuff to help you launch + grow your biz.

We all need a helping hand and one of my main goals is to give back even a fraction of the kindness others have shown me over the years as an entrepreneur.

So check out my freebie page and send me a message if you don’t find what you are looking for. Chances I have it somewhere (or I will make it for you) and I am more than happy to share!

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